Saturday, October 29, 2011


hi guys!!!! so guess what? i got a brand new curling iron!yayy! me and mom split it 10 dollars each. oh-ya....that cheap! i curled it on friday and then i woke up today and it was still CURLY!!! omgosh it works so good! here are some pics and yes i reccomend it to you!


hi every one! its me! sorry this is super late, i haven't wrote since the first two weeks of school! it's now the tenth week! so lots of stuff has happened..... but the worst is that: I HAVE SPRAINED MY FINGER!!!!! yes i know thats how dumb i can be sometimes but it HURTS!!!! i cant play piano today cuz of it! here is a picture

see! thats what happens sometimes! it happened because i had my bff taylor over and she is AMAZINGLY TALENTED AT TUMBLING!!! so we were in my backyard tumbling. then it happened. i did a roundoff, and i landed on it with a crack..... it was so loud taylor could even hear it!!! so then we stuck ice on it, and it got numb, and it tightened up. now it hurts no matter what i do with it!!! ya so that

was my thursday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

School is......

Hey ya! so i went to school...... and i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! Seriously most of thee time people say school sucks, but my school is super cool! I have six teachers, which means six periods of classes. my first period is Mrs. hulesmann. she is really nice! she is kinda short and has hair in a stack. its brown on the bottom and a dirty blonde on the top. she is my science teacher.

My next period is with Mrs. Johnson! she is my one of my favorites! she is really good at explaining a lesson which i need because my math is like a bom, and last year i droped it. :> So she has a way with teaching. she is short too, but wears like 2 inch high heels so you cant really tell. she has long black hair like down to her rib cage and she always either curls it or straighten it. She is my math teacher.

My next period is Mrs. shelliheta. She is very talented. and i say this because she is my ORCHESTRA teacher. she plays all string instruments. she has helped me decide what i want to play, ( mom did too!) and i am going to be playing...........(are you ready?)...........THE CELLO! i hear it gives you a good scholarship and it is really pretty sounding! but back to mrs. sheliheta. so she is also short, ( what's up with the shorties????!) and she has hair as short as Kami's ( to her neck) and it is a dirty blonde. Also she wears glasses. so that is Orchestra.

next i have PE. with mrs. price. she is very strict, but i am on her good side so i love her too. she is a great basketball player and, she is a great instructor. she is tall (whew) and she always has her long hair in a french braide in the back. she wears glasses too. she may look nice, but her voice is LOUDER THAN THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!! but i still like her she is cool. In PE, we have lockers...... eeeeeeeeeeek! i have locker 117. and yet again lockers, is another bom. but remember it is only my first two weeks of school so ya cant blame me. :> I am right next to my best friend Amber, and i was next to my other bestie Lindsey, but her locker got jammed, so she moved far away from us. :< Plus Amber is going to be moving in Janurary. but luckily, i have my back-up bff Allysa to save the day!!!! she is 4 locker right of me!!!! yay yay yay yay! and alice is like 20 lockers left of me (my other bff) so i think i am good. :> after PE, we have 3rd lunch hour. i call it my 41/2 period. i always sit on the fourth row in from the eighth graders, and then all my friends meet up there. like: Alice, Alexandra, Lindsey, Amira, Amber, Lauryn, and Chantelle. then we all swap treats and stuff and then we chat. After lunch we have a Minni recess. it's like 15 minutes long.

After all that, there's my 5th period. Reading with Mrs tygh. she is so hard to understand because she has had surgery on her throat a couple times and now she sounds like a frog. no lie. she is short too. i am taller than her. she has crazy hair, and it is curly and a cramel looking brown. but i still love Mrs. tygh. And reading is one of my best subjects even though i hate it!!!

OK my last period would be the best period. two words: EN-GLISH. jk. OK well my teacher is a short one. and is very hilarious. they are really good at teaching though. Hmmmmmm what am i forgetting...... oh ya! He's a guy! he is super cool and is upsessed with Mickey Mouse. CREEPER. but also he can make the best jokes. like he said he has a girl scream. so he acted like he was being chased, and was about to be jumped, and he screamed............. let me tell you, i thought Kami was in the room. :> but he is [pretty tight. he works us really hard and i love the class ideas.

So that is my middle school.

Monday, August 22, 2011


i hope that the first day of school will be fun, yet scary. i like it when you are all freaked out because you don't know where your classroom is, and who your teacher is. to me, thats what i call fun :) See because i dont know who the heck my teachers are, what my schedual is, if I'm in show-choir, or if i even made an advanced class. so that will be my first day. :>

well our school colors are maroon, whit, blue, gold, and khaki. So for the first day, i will wear: a white Areopostale polo, denim navy skinny jeans, black and white, leather sneakers, and straightened hair with a white and maroon bow.

My friends texted all my friends from 5th grade, to meet at the coyote statue, but then we found out, that is inside the school then we picked a different spot. so after i get dropped off, i am going to go to the little theater,( right outside of the building) to meet my 5th grade buddies. but after the bells rings, i have no clue what to do. :/

i have actually already met my principal. she is a little old lady ( i really mean little, i am as tall as her ) and her name is Mrs singer. she is super nice and always has a stylish outfit :> but she can be strict.

well, i haven't met her, but i have heard awful things about her. she is super strict, and she is loud. if u sass her, even a tiny bit....BOOM! detention for 4 days. :o she has the weirdest rules. like if you roll your eyes, or stare at some one.....ANOTHER BOOM! more detention. i have seen pictures of her, but not in real person. she is a tall lady that wears way to much make up. she has blonde hair, down to her shoulders, but it is always tied tight in a bun. she has creepy blue eyes, and she always wears a dress. so i hope i don't get sent there! i can only imagine the things she would say! "No! you can't roll your eyes for getting a C. I don't care if you did extra studying! BLAH BLAH BLAH!" lol :)

so i will tell you all about the first day, and i will post pics! bye!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


hi everybody!!!! its me baili!!!! ok i have some good news...... first: i have a new blog! it is called: !!! secondly, this blog is going to be school updates, cause i am now a middle schooler, at Cadwallader middle school, HOME OF THE HOWLING COYOTES!!!! lol so check it out! and become my followers please!!!! love u all! bye!!!!