Saturday, October 29, 2011


hi every one! its me! sorry this is super late, i haven't wrote since the first two weeks of school! it's now the tenth week! so lots of stuff has happened..... but the worst is that: I HAVE SPRAINED MY FINGER!!!!! yes i know thats how dumb i can be sometimes but it HURTS!!!! i cant play piano today cuz of it! here is a picture

see! thats what happens sometimes! it happened because i had my bff taylor over and she is AMAZINGLY TALENTED AT TUMBLING!!! so we were in my backyard tumbling. then it happened. i did a roundoff, and i landed on it with a crack..... it was so loud taylor could even hear it!!! so then we stuck ice on it, and it got numb, and it tightened up. now it hurts no matter what i do with it!!! ya so that

was my thursday!

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