Saturday, October 29, 2011


hi guys!!!! so guess what? i got a brand new curling iron!yayy! me and mom split it 10 dollars each. oh-ya....that cheap! i curled it on friday and then i woke up today and it was still CURLY!!! omgosh it works so good! here are some pics and yes i reccomend it to you!


  1. Bailey, I just read your comments, cute girl! Thanks for saying something, we miss you guys too! It's been too long since we've got to spend time with you guys. As you probably know-the older you kiddos get-the busier! It looks like you guys have been busy having FUN FUN FUN!!! Take Care-tell your mom and dad HI! for me and hopefully we'll get to see you sooner than later. Ta Ta

  2. You're so beautiful Miss Baili and growing up so quickly! Congrats on your new curling iron! I saw some other pics on your mom's blog with your hair curly there pretty! Tell your mom, next time you come to California to come see us too, k? ;) We MISS YOU GUYS!

    Lots of love,